This app can be used to convert Chinese to Wade-Giles, we also have Chinese to Zhuyin and Chinese to pinyin. You can enter your Chinese in the left-hand box and find out what it would be in Wade-Giles system.

You can also use this app to convert hanyu pinyin into Wade-Giles and Wade-Giles into pinyin.

Wade-Giles is one of the earliest Romanisations of Chinese for non-Chinese speakers in the 19th Century. Wade-Giles was developed by Thomas Wade in 1859, and later modified by Herbert A. Giles in 1892. The system was widely used in the English-speaking world until the mid-20th century, when it was replaced by pinyin. Wade-Giles is still used in some publications today, especially in Taiwan.

Wade-Giles is based on the Beijing dialect of Mandarin Chinese, and as such, it uses the same characters as pinyin. However, the two systems represent these characters differently. For example, in Wade-Giles, the character for "capital" is written as "pei3-ching1", while in pinyin it is written as "běijīng". Other examples of Wade-Giles vs. pinyin are: Kuang Chou vs. Guangzhou, chungkuo vs. Zhongguo.

This app will help you convert between Wade-Giles and pinyin, so that you can read and write Chinese characters in both systems.


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