How to create printable Chinese worksheets?

This is a handy worksheet generator that allows you to create printable A4 worksheets with spaces for Chinese learners to fill in with their own answers. Enter your text and click on a word to make that word disappear from the sentence. There will be space for the student to write their answer. The great thing is that you can create these worksheets for any text that you want. You can choose the Chinese font and size of the text as well as the title for the worksheet. 

This is a fantastic resource for Chinese learners of all levels. It allows you to create worksheets based on texts that students may be familiar with, or that are particularly challenging for learners. It's a great way of extending their knowledge of Chinese sentence patterns and using this to create more sentences.  

To use the tool, simply click on a word in the text that you want to create a worksheet for. The word will then appear in brackets, with a space for them to write the Chinese answer.

Blank Space Examples:

A vocabulary example might be:
我喜欢听音乐 which becomes 我喜欢听_______(音乐). Afterwards, the student can then fill in a type of music so it becomes 我喜欢听古典音乐(音乐). This worksheet creator can be used for vocabulary, grammar and many other uses. 

An example of using this for grammar would be with pronouns. 

我喜欢和他说话 which becomes 我喜欢和________说话  (他) where the students need to replace the pronoun with a different pronoun. It's a very versatile resource as it is very open and does not have fixed answers. 

You can also use our Chinese learning worksheets to create bingo sheets for practicing numbers in Chinese. We have lots of other learning Chinese worksheets like fill in the gap (where there are right answers) and creating Chinese number bingo sheets. All of our worksheets are ready to print. 


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