How to change the order of Chinese sentences?

This resource for creating worksheets to learn Chinese sentence struture is very simple to use. All you need to do is enter Chinese sentences and those words will be moved around in the sentences. This is a great way for Chinese learners to find the correct sentence order, especially as it's very different from most other languages. 

Once you've entered the Chinese sentence you want to use, you can also choose the font and size. There is also the option to remove original commas and quotation marks which works with Chinese punctuation too. When you've created the worksheet you can also choose how many pages of each to print. Each worksheet will be a PDF that can be downloadable and printed in A4. 

The last option is to print out the worksheet with or without the answer key. If you choose to print the answer key, it will be included on a separate page at the end of the worksheet. This means that students can mark their own sentences. 


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