How do you use this simplified-traditional Chinese converter?

This Chinese app is to convert Chinese from traditional Chinese to simplified Chinese or simplified to traditional. Some Chinese is the same in both simplified and traditional Chinese ie the character 我, but some is very different and it can be confusing. 

This Chinese converter can convert large amounts of Chinese text at once and should keep the original spacing and columns if there are columns. If you want to make the box bigger, please pull on the corner. Generally, simplified Chinese is used in China (People's Republic) and traditional Chinese is used in overseas Chinese communities and in Taiwan and Hong Kong.

Step-by-step instructions for using this converter:

1. Put the original (input) Chinese text in the left box.

2. Choose whether you want to convert the text into traditional or into simplified Chinese and then press "Convert".

3. The results with the Chinese text output will be in the right hand box. This resource can convert hundreds if not thousands of simplified or traditional Chinese characters at the same time.

This converter is useful for people who want to convert a large amount of Chinese text from one type to the other quickly and easily. Whether you're a student studying Chinese, a business professional working with Chinese clients, or simply someone who wants to be able to read both traditional and simplified Chinese, this converter will be invaluable. 


For more instructions, see this video below.


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