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Chinese Converter has many tools for learning Chinese:

Find your Chinese Name - Put your English name and get your Chinese name. We have thousands of Chinese names here and it's great to see your name in Chinese characters. You can also see how to pronounce your Chinese name with the pinyin.

Change Chinese text orientation - Put text in and then you can choose if you have it right to left or top to bottom or text going from top to bottom then right to left. Each line as you type appears as one line in the output. Can be output as image, text or PDF.

Enter Chinese and hear the sound - Put traditional or simplified Chinese into the box and hear the Mandarin sounds for each character by character. We have a Cantonese text read aloud tool separately.

Create Chinese New Year Scrolls - Create sets of 春联 (3 banners) with lots of different options.

Learn Chinese Discounts - Some great learn Mandarin Chinese discounts.

Find the stroke order for a character - Enter Chinese text and you can see the stroke order for each character as an animation. You can choose to see this as an individual character by character or all at once. You can also choose the colours of the text and the speed at which it is shown.

Create Chinese Character Practise Writing Sheets - This is a great tool where you can create your own practise sheets for Chinese characters. You can choose the hanzi, show the stroke order, add pinyin to the worksheet and choose things like the style and font of the worksheet. Once you have done this, you can then create a PDF and print the character work sheet(s) you have created. There are loads of advanced settings and we believe that this is the most thorough worksheet tool around.

Convert numbers into Chinese numbers - You can turn arabic numbers (ie 1234) into Chinese numbers or Chinese formal numbers (used in banks) and add the pinyin. You can also turn Chinese numbers back to Arabic numbers. This tool makes Chinese numbers so much easier!

Simplified-Traditional convert - Useful tool to convert from simplified (简体) to traditional (繁體) and from traditional (繁體) to simplified (简体).

Chinese text to image - Choose the font and then choose the colours and enter the text and you can see Chinese as an image. This is useful for people who want to print their Chinese name or their computer can't show Chinese characters.

Pinyin convert - Converts Chinese characters to pinyin. This tool converts simplified (简体) and traditional (繁體) Chinese characters to pinyin. In some cases where there is a dual pronunciation of the pinyin, it may give the wrong pronunciation but all the other cases, it should be accurate. Pinyin is the romanisation used by Chinese learners in China and most of the world.

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Zhuyin tool - Converts Chinese characters to zhuyin(also known as bomopofo). Zhuyin is the phonetic alphabet used in Taiwan. You can also convert zhuyin to pinyin (Chinese romanisation).

Unicode tool - Converts Chinese characters(hanzi) to unicode, Unicode to Chinese, pinyin to unicode and unicode to pinyin. Unicode is used for displaying Chinese text online.

Pinyin tone convert - Converts pinyin with numbers to pinyin with tones and pinyin with tones to pinyin with numbers.

Convert Chinese characters to Hangul - With this Chinese tool, if you enter Chinese characters then you'll see the Hangul version. This doesn't translate from Chinese to Korean but phonetically will spell out the Chinese. You also have the option to add tones to the Hangul. You can enter Chinese or pinyin.

Convert Chinese characters to Katakana - Enter Chinese characters and you'll see the Katakana version. This doesn't translate from Chinese to Katakana but phonetically will spell out the Chinese. You also have the option to add tones to the Katakana. This tool can convert to Zenkaku, Hankaku and Hiragana.

Chinese characters to Cyrillic - Enter Chinese characters and you'll see the Cyrillic (Russian) version. This doesn't translate from Chinese to Cyrillic but phonetically will spell out the Chinese. You also have the option to add tones to the Cyrillic.

Chinese Family Relations - In Chinese family relations are difficult knowing exactly how to refer to someone. With this tool, you can select the relative and their link to you and see the Chinese name.

Find out if text is in simplified or traditional Chinese - Paste in Chinese and we'll tell you which type of Chinese characters it is.

Count Chinese Characters - Paste in hanzi and you'll see how many Chinese characters in a text.

Change Wade-Giles/Pinyin and Chinese/Wade-Giles - Wade-Giles is an older system used before pinyin and you can convert using this handy tool.

Chinese Astrological Year - Find out what Chinese astrological year you were born in by entering your birthdate.

Chinese Subtitles Converter - Convert subtitles (SRT) from simplified to traditional Chinese.

Chinese Text TXT Converter - Convert text files (TXT) from simplified to traditional Chinese.

Most Recent Chinese Images - This shows all the most recent images created on Chinese Converter from Chinese text. The Chinese text entered appears as text next to this. You can see more images created by going to other pages at the bottom. In total approx 12000 recent Chinese images should show. It's interesting to see the different Chinese texts, fonts, colours and backgrounds that people have used.

Stroke order images created with our Chinese stroke order tool - You can see all the Chinese stroke orders created with our tool. People are very creative using lots of different colours and lots of different speeds for stroke orders.

Chinese Practise Worksheets Created - See a list of all the PDF practise worksheets created with our other tool. Maybe they give you some ideas of what you want to do for your Chinese worksheet?

Vocabulary tools

Flag Emoji look up - Enter a flag emoji and you'll get the Chinese name with pinyin. Option for simplified or traditional Chinese text.

Chinese Antonym Search - Put in the word that you want to find the opposite to (antonym) and you'll get the antonym with the pinyin.

Look up Chinese chengyu (idioms) - You can search by character to see which chengyu have that character in them and also search by a phrase or specific character ie 4th character in the chengyu. In simplified and tradittional and pinyin.

Periodic Table - Chinese periodic table where you can search and find the Chinese names for the elements.


Cantonese Tools - Cantonese Learning Tools including Cantonese to Jyutping tools.

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