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Chinese Stroke Order Animations

This is a lookup tool for Chinese stroke orders animations.

Enter Chinese text and you'll see all the stroke orders for the characters. Just paste the Chinese characters into the left hand side and then on the right you'll be able to see the stroke order for each character.  When you put the characters in, there is the option of one-by-one(individual) or all at once. If you select display by individual then you can have the characters display one at a time and then stop/start so that you can see more clearly. All at once then the character stroke orders will display all at once at the same time. You can also choose the speed of the Chinese stroke order and which colours the stroke order appears in and background. If you click on the image you should be able to see a bigger version of it.

Any characters we don't have the stroke order for, it will display as a blue box. If you are entering lots of hanzi at once, then it may take a slight amount of time to load.



For more instructions, see this video below.


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