How to use this Chinese numbers converter?

Although the Chinese do use Arabic numerals (1, 2, 3 etc), in some settings they also have their own systems of numerals based on Chinese characters that are used in different settings. For example, formal Chinese numbers are used in banks and on cheques in China. Whilst this may seem confusing, this converter makes converting Chinese numbers to Arabic numbers and back again quick and easy!

There is no need to type in the Arabic numerals when writing Chinese numbers. You can just write the number in full, for example: 35,000 becomes 三万五千. This is broken down as  三 = 3 and 万 = x0,000 = 30,000 plus 五千 which is 五 = 5 and 千 = x000 = 5000. If this seems too complicated, fear not, for this converter is here to save the day!

With this converter you can:

  • Convert Arabic numbers (eg. 1234) to Chinese numbers (一千二百三十四)
  • Convert Arabic numbers to Chinese numbers with pinyin below (yī  qiān  èr   bǎi  sān  shí  sì)
  • Convert Chinese numbers (eg. 一千二百三十四) to Arabic numbers (1234)
  • Convert Arabic numbers into formal Chinese numbers (壹仟贰佰叁拾肆)
  • Convert Arabic numbers into formal Chinese with pinyin below (yī  qiān  èr   bǎi  sān  shí  sì)

This app is designed to help you convert common numbers into Chinese numbers. Simply type in any number from 1 - 99,999 and have it translated into Chinese instantly. 

You can use this app to help you with your learning, or when you're trying to read a Chinese figures. With this converter, you'll be able to understand Chinese numbers in no time!


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