How to search for chengyu?

If you want to learn more about Chinese culture, then Chengyu are a great place to start. These four-character idiomatic expressions are used in everyday conversation, and can often be heard in popular media too. They can be tricky to understand, as they often don’t follow the normal rules of grammar.

This resource allows you to search for chengyu. Simply enter your character or characters in the search box and press "search". You can also search using individual characters. If you know what your chengyu starts with ends with etc you can also search by the specific command (ie 1st character, 4th character) to see only Chinese idioms that have those characters in a specific place. 

So for example, if you want to see only chengyu that start with the character 福, you would type 福 in the first text box and leave the other two blank. This would give you a list of all chengyu that start with 福. If you wanted to see all chengyu that

You can view the chengyu and the explanation in either simplified or traditional Chinese. After the list of chengyu is generated, if you click on them you can see more information and the explanation (in Chinese). There is currently no English chengyu explanation. You can also click on the chengyu to get a stroke order for the chengyu.

We have lots of other resources available for learning Chinese, including vocabulary as well as worksheet creators. 

For more instructions, see this video below.


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