How to convert Chinese text into Unicode?

In the left hand box you can enter the Unicode text that you want to turn into Chinese or Chinese to turn into Unicode. 

You can also use our converter to convert Chinese or pinyin into Unicode or vice versa. In the right hand box you will see the results of the conversion (output). If you are happy with the results, you can then copy and paste them into another document or program. You can also convert multiple pieces of text by clicking on the "Convert"

Unicode is used online that text displays correctly when not using standard Roman letters. Unicode helps to make sure that websites can be displayed properly with the Chinese characters. The Unicode standard is constantly being updated to include new characters, and the most recent version includes over 110,000 different characters. This standard is what ensures that you can view Chinese characters correctly on a website, even if your computer doesn't have Chinese fonts installed.

Unicode is particularly important for internationalization, meaning that software can be written once to support multiple languages. Without Unicode, Chinese characters will display weirdly or have boxes in place of text like 汉字. That’s why Unicode is the standard character encoding for HTML5.

Unicode characters can be represented in several ways. The most common form is a code point, which is a number that corresponds to a particular character. For example, the code point for the letter A is U+0041.

Code points can be represented in several ways, but the most common form is a Unicode code unit, which is a 16-bit or 32-bit number that represents a particular character. For example, the code unit for the letter A is 0041. Unicode code units are used to represent characters in most modern programming languages. In Java and JavaScript, for example, all strings are represented as Unicode code units.

In addition to code points and code units, there are other ways of representing Unicode characters, such as UTF-8 and UTF-16. These are standards for encoding characters as a sequence of bytes. UTF-8 is the most common form of Unicode, and is used by most web browsers and servers. UTF-16 is another popular encoding, and is used by many programming languages.

You don't need to know all these things about Unicode, just that we can convert Unicode into Chinese and Chinese into Unicode! 


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