What is ChineseConverter.com and how does this website help you learn and teach Chinese?

Welcome to Chinese Converter, a site with a vast choice of Chinese learning resources. There are over 35 resources which are aimed at students of Chinese, teachers of Chinese and people interested in China and Chinese. We've spent a lot of time and effort into improving these resources, both in terms of expanding coverage as well as making it more user-friendly.

ChineseConverter.com was founded in 2012 and since then, the site has grown considerably. As we have added more resources, it has become a bit more challenging to fit all the links to the different resources at the top of the page! It has become one of the top websites for Mandarin learning. Since 2016, we have also started a website for learners of Cantonese. This website is run by a small team who are passionate about Chinese and helping people learn the language.

In comparison with many other languages, Chinese has difficulties in that learners discover that their abilities develop unevenly, so that for example they are better at listening than speaking or reading than writing or listening. Our resources are varied and cover a broad range of Chinese study methods.

Here are some of the different study methods:

  • Creating copybook worksheets that you can print out and write over by hand which can help improve your writing skills.
  • Using Chinese read aloud resource to advance your listening skills in Chinese.
  • Reading text online and practising with unfamiliar characters with our Chinese to pinyin converter.
  • Improve Chinese computer skills and typing Chinese with the Chinese IME input method. This works without the need for any extra app
  • Learn Chinese numbers with the Chinese bingo sheet generator.
  • The worksheets generator can help test knowledge of Chinese sentence structure, especially the resource which jumbles up sentences.
  • You can try fill-in-the-gap exercises to test reading comprehension.

  • Find your Mandarin name with our Chinese name lookup. There are thousands of names in this, as well as some places and brands.
  • Our app that changes the character color dependent on whether it's first, second, third, fourth or fifth (neutral) tone will assist you remember which character has which tone.
  • Notice the difference between simplified and traditional Chinese using our converter. You can also lookup to see which version of Chinese a text is written in.
  • Use Chinese online with our Chinese to Unicode converter.
  • Have a bit of fun while learning Chinese! Sometimes learning a language can be difficult, so having fun while you are learning is important. This is in resources like our flag emoji look up as well as the resources to create word searches from Chinese stroke order, as well as our Chinese New Year scrolls generator.

This website was founded from experiences of learning Chinese as a second language and how frustrating it was using most online resources. Our aim was to create resources that are user-friendly and time-saving. All resources are free-to-use, but we do offer an ad-free service (and other bonuses) if you sign up via our Patreon. This helps support our website development.

Social Media

We have a Youtube channel where you can see videos on how to use some of our resources.

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We are always looking for ways to improve the site, so if you have any suggestions or feedback, please don't hesitate to contact us via the contact form.

What is the difference between ChineseConverter and other websites?

Unlike other websites, ChineseConverter is focused specifically on helping people learn and teach Chinese, from the perspective of foreign learners of Mandarin. We are a reliable resource that people use to learn on their own or in classrooms or university/college situations.

What is Pǔ tōng huà?

Pǔ tōng huà (普通话), also called Mandarin, is the official language of China. In Taiwan it is called guó yǔ. It is also one of the four official languages of Singapore. Putonghua is based on the Beijing dialect, but has been influenced by other Chinese varieties spoken throughout China. The differences between Mandarin and other varieties of Chinese are mainly in pronunciation, but there are also some differences in grammar and vocabulary. Apart from Mandarin, Cantonese is probably the best-known variety of Chinese.

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