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Chinese Converter has many tools for learning Chinese:

Find your Chinese Name - Put your English name and get your Chinese name. We have thousands of Chinese names here and it's great to see your name in Chinese characters.

Simplified-Traditional convert - Useful tool to convert from simplified (简体) to traditional (繁體) and from traditional (繁體) to simplified (简体).

Chinese text to image - Choose the font and then choose the colours and enter the text and you can see Chinese as an image. This is useful for people who want to print their Chinese name or their computer can't show Chinese characters.

Most Recent Chinese Images - This shows all the most recent images created on Chinese Converter from Chinese text. The Chinese text entered appears as text next to this. You can see more images created by going to other pages at the bottom. In total approx 12000 recent Chinese images should show. It's interesting to see the different Chinese texts, fonts, colours and backgrounds that people have used.

Pinyin convert - Converts Chinese characters to pinyin. This tool converts simplified (简体) and traditional (繁體) Chinese characters to pinyin. In some cases where there is a dual pronunciation of the pinyin, it may give the wrong pronunciation but all the other cases, it should be accurate. Pinyin is the romanisation used by Chinese learners in China and most of the world.

Zhuyin tool - Converts Chinese characters to zhuyin. Zhuyin is the phonetic alphabet used in Taiwan. You can also convert zhuyin to pinyin (Chinese romanisation).

Unicode tool - Converts Chinese characters(hanzi) to unicode, Unicode to Chinese, pinyin to unicode and unicode to pinyin. Unicode is used for displaying Chinese text online.

Pinyin tone convert - Converts pinyin with numbers to pinyin with tones and pinyin with tones to pinyin with numbers.


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